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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Find answers to commonly asked questions about Uptics.
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Sequence Issue Explained: Your email validation settings are preventing this contact from starting the sequence.
How does the distribute leads option work inside of a sequence?
How does Uptics determine who to send to in a sequence?
Sequence Issue Explained: The record does not have a contact owner assigned and the sequence settings have been set to send from a contact owner.
Can I create Intro Lynes tasks without having to assign prospects to a user?
Is there a way to remove prospects from a sequence if they have replied or engaged with us?
Is there conditional sending for a sequence?
Should I limit sending to only valid emails?
What is the meaning of the errors in the Sequence Issues?
Is it possible to change the ownership of emails to a different user in the account without removing them?
What email providers does Uptics integrate with?
Error Response: "You have reached a limit for sending mail. Your message was not sent."
Is it possible to change the owner of a sequence?
Can I assign more than 1 team member to a sequence?
How to Unenroll Prospects from a Sequence
How do inboxes work across users?
Where do I start with creating email accounts and burner domains?
What is the Metered Balance?
How to edit the name of an Email Template?
Is it possible to access the HTML code for my email templates?
Twilio Charges for services used within Uptics
What does cloning a sequence do?
Why am I seeing lots of bounced emails?
Is there a way to download analytics in CSV format for ongoing or paused campaigns?
Is there an ability to 'Save a Sequence' without launching it?
What does in-queue mean under the Sequence Enrollment Numbers?
Is it possible to see another user's activity under my account?
Subject Lines Required - can a sequence have the same subject line for email templates?
Why do my manually unenrolled prospects automatically re-enroll into my sequence?
Can I buy a phone number from my account and assign it to a user under my account for use?
A 'Snippet Group' when referenced twice inside a template duplicates snippets instead of randomizing.
Can I have multiple email addresses for a contact to send to if either one is blank?
'Invalid Message Public Id Error' on sending an email
Email connection error: [email protected] is already connected with different account!
Is there a possibility to embed a video?
'Scheduling Email' inside of a contact details popout versus 'Scheduling/Pausing Email' inside a sequence builder.
The 'Send Test' feature is not sending emails.
Where can I see the sent (delivered) emails from a Sequence?
What is the use of Snippets & Spintax Feature using Snippet Groups?
Can I have a sequence to send based on different conditions? eg: email opens, replies, etc.
How do I take all enrolled as well as unenrolled contacts from a specific sequence to have them go to a new step which is a 'Sequence' itself?
When will my sequence emails start to send out?
What emails sync within Uptics?
Will sequences continue to send if a user is deactivated?
How are subject lines and email threads managed within Uptics for a sequence?
Where do I find the pre-built templates within Uptics?
How many email accounts can I connect to within Uptics?
Are link clicks, opens, etc tracked within my Uptics account if an email is sent from my Google Workspace?
Snippet formatting Issues
Can I remove/change an 'Email to Send From' while a sequence is live?
Is there an option to have emails with a new subject line/thread and replies to them within an existing sequence?
My sequence steps with set delay are sending out emails back to back
Are there any recommendations to warmup domains for Uptics usage?
What do I set my sequence Daily Email Send, Enrollment limits & Delay between Emails to?
What is the use of Fallback Tokens
Are you getting an error message when trying to send an email?
Email Sending Distribution
Why aren't my emails sending from the multiple email addresses I have selected in the Sequence?
Link clicks/opens not showing for certain contact records
What is LinkedIn Chrome Extension?
Is there an option to select a phone number to send Bulk SMS via a sequence?