Below is an example of a scenario based on the conditions for the sequence to fire emails.

Example: If someone opened the email, the next step in the sequence is to send another email 3 days later.

If the email isn't opened, the next step in the sequence is to make a call 3 days later.

We currently do not have an automation setup based on conditions like email opens, replies, etc within Uptics. But, this is something we have scoped out for the future. We are always taking in feedback for integration requests, and we base our development roadmap off of our user feedback! Please feel free to submit any feature/integration requests at and upvote for your favorite!

The workaround for the above example would be to create a Smartlist with filter parameters and use that to auto-enroll contracts into another sequence.

There are filter properties called Number of Email Opens, Clicks, or Replies which can be used.

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