With our new plans, if you subscribe to any plan besides the free plan, you will have the ability to add/connect 'Unlimited Email Accounts' within Uptics. You can refer to the Uptics pricing plans on our website https://uptics.io/pricing

During your 'Trial' period as well as when on a 'Free' plan, you have the ability to connect two 'Email Accounts' for free, and for every additional connected email account, you will need to pay a $9 fee per email address. You can navigate as shown below to add additional email addresses within Uptics.

While on a 'Trial' period in most cases, you won't have a payment method added. Hence, on taking the above steps to add an additional 'Email Account' you will have a screen prompt to add a payment method as shown below as it would require a $9 fee to be paid to proceed ahead.

Add the required payment details and click 'Save' to successfully add the 'Email Account.

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