Within Uptics, you have ability to set up a 'Call' report under the 'Reports' section by clicking on Reports > +Add > Create New Report as shown below.

On selecting 'Create New Report, a popup will open as shown below. From here, you can fill in all the required details and select 'Calls' under the 'Data Type' field. as shown above, and click 'Next'.

To view individual user-wise 'Call' Reports, you will need to select 'User' under the 'Conditions' - '+Add Filter' option as shown in the below screenshot and select a 'user name' under the dropdown.

Fill in all the details on the 'Chart Options' step and click 'Preview' as shown below to see what your report will look like.

This report will help you view your user's daily 'Call' information in the report i.e. Date&Time, User Who initiated the call, Call Outcome, Call Direction, Call Duration, and you will be able to access the prospects 'Contact Details' page from the report itself under the reports 'Action' column.

The call recordings for each prospect will show under their individual 'Contact Details' page. You would want to ensure that your user's phone calls are being recorded manually or that they either have the 'Call Recording' setting turned 'ON' under their account.

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