In this article, we will explain what causes skipped records during your import, as well as what you can do to remedy this if you are trying to enrich your existing data.

What is causing the skipped records?

To start, in order to prevent duplicate contacts Uptics uses the 'email address' field as a unique identifier for each of the records you import into the system, so no two contact records inside of Uptics may have the same email address.

This is important, as 95%+ of skipped records come from duplicate email addresses.

If you already have a contact record in Uptics with an email, say [email protected], and proceeded to import a new file with a record containing this same email address, it would be skipped.

Furthermore, if you have the same email address twice on an import file, but the record does not currently exist inside of your account, the first row from your file that we come across will get imported, whereas the second row with that email address would be skipped.

How can I import a file with enriched data for contact records already in Uptics?

There may be instances in which you had previously imported a list of contacts that only included some basic information and you would like to re-import a new list (of the same records) that has some additional information/properties with respect to each contact.

In order to do this, simply turn on the toggle below during the import process!

Toggle to enrich data in Uptics

Turning this toggle on will still import any new records (based on email address) into your account, while at the same time it will update any NEW properties from your import file that are not currently present inside your account.

To provide an example, say I have a contact record in Uptics with simply their first name, last name, and email address...

If you were to proceed and import a new file containing some additional properties and values, these will be added to the existing contact record. One thing to mention is that property values that currently exist in Uptics will not be overwritten, only the missing properties will be added.

Let's say I was importing a record with the following:

  • First Name: Jonathan

  • Last Name: Smith

  • Email Address: [email protected]

  • Company Name: JS Tech Solutions

  • Industry: Technology

Utilizing the 'Update existing Contacts with new data' toggle for this record would add the 'Company Name' and 'Industry' property values into the contact record, but would not update their name from John to Jonathan, since the First Name field already exists and is present for the record tied to the email address of [email protected].

How can I view the skipped records from my import?

At this time, Uptics does not have a feature that will allow you to view the specific records that were skipped during the import process. We are looking to enhance this in the future, and you may upvote this feature request here!

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