Uptics has built both Bounce and Out-of-Office Detection inside the Uptics platform.

Bounce Detection

While most bounced emails can be prevented by regularly validating the email addresses of your prospects before sending, there are always fringe cases where one might slip through the cracks.

Similarly, just because an email address was valid a few months ago, doesn't mean it is now. While one bounced email here and there won't affect much, a plethora of bounced emails can have a detrimental effect on your sender's reputation.

With the addition of Bounce Detection, there is nothing you need to do inside Uptics to activate this.

If an email is sent out from Uptics, and a bounced email occurs, the following will occur:

  • Uptics will turn off their Email Subscription (so future emails that are triggered via Bulk or Sequence Sending will not send).

  • The bounced email will not show as a reply inside your Sales Inbox

  • If the email bounce occurred as a result of an email sent from a sequence, the stats on the Sequence Stats page will accurately reflect the bounces and the bounce rates.

  • If the email bounce occurred as a result of an email sent from a sequence, the prospect will be unenrolled from the sequence.

Out-of-Office Detection (OOO Detection)

This feature is helpful in that if someone is on vacation or out of the office, their auto-responder will not unenroll them from any sequence(s) they may be in, even if you have the setting turned on to 'stop sending if the contact replies to this sequence (or any email)'.

Furthermore, the auto-response will not count as a reply inside your Sequence Stats page, and the prospect will continue on in the sequence as if there was never an auto-responder sent in the first place. The auto-response will, however, show up inside of your Sales Inbox to make you aware of the auto-response.

With Out-of-Office Detection, currently, our algorithm should capture roughly 95-99% of these. If you do ever come across any OOO reply that Uptics is recognizing and counting as a reply in your Sequence Stats (and thus unenrolled a prospect from a sequence), please don't hesitate to reach out to support to provide us the Email Subject and Body in order to enhance our algorithm!

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