For example, I have a group of snippets for my different clients/companies, so I can say “Hey, we already work with COMPANY X and COMPANY Y”.

But the output I get says “Hey, we already work with COMPANY X and COMPANY X” whereas, it should have been (Company X and Company Y)

A 'Snippet Group' helps to randomize the different 'Snippets' within them when referenced in an email template. If you are referring the same 'Snippet Group' twice in a template, the system is designed to pick a 'Snippet' randomly, and thus there are chances in this scenario that a 'Snippet' could be repeated/duplicated in the template.

Note: A workaround for this would be to create and use two different 'Snippet Groups' inside a template instead of referencing one 'Snippet Group' twice.

You could create one 'Snippet Group' for Company X and another 'Snippet Group' for Company Y.

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