1. Can you provide the IP Uptics uses? We would be connecting Uptics to one of our SMTP servers and need to whitelist Uptics.

    We will not be able to provide this information since our email integration provider i.e. Nylas rotates IPs and there is a large pool of IP addresses.

  2. We have identified the below IPs & domains within the headers when sending emails through Uptics.



    User-Agent: Nylas-uptics.io/18.1.0

    Are these the systems you are using? and if so, is there a way you can mask them? because each unique domain within our headers reduce our email reputation.

    It is not possible to set a custom User-Agent for each customer. We are working hard to bring these features to our customers. There is no way to mask or remove these from the headers because they are not controlled by us.

  3. What aspect of the platform is controlled by your user agent? Is it tracking/open rates/pixels etc?

    For tracking/open rates you can use our custom tracking domains feature, so those links are masked and come from your domain.

  4. We are assuming our emails are not going through some external SMTP relay hosted by nylas.com or amazon compute?

    Uptics is using the API to send all email data to Nylas which is used as a connection to your Gmail inbox/outbox. Nylas is using Gmail API to send emails. Essentially Google Gmail SMTP servers are used.

  5. How does Nylas operate as a part of Uptic's sender service? as this is technically very important for deliverability:

    When an email is sent using uptics, and we use for example a hooked up SMTP Custom Server account, does Uptics:
    a) Send an email using the attached Custom Server SMTP relay
    b) Send an email from Nylas

    Custom SMTP is used. Again, email data is transferred to Nylas, which uses a custom SMTP server. It is important to state that the email is not relayed from Nylas so we are not sending it to Nylas and it gets “resent” but instead just the data is provided to Nylas who uses Gmail or Custom SMTP servers to send it.

  6. If emails are sent from Nylas on behalf of XYZ domain, but XYZ domain does not have Nylas set as a DKIM/DMARC/SPF record of "good" sending, wouldn't email deliverability be compromised significantly? i.e. Is the IP and sending domain being generated as a Nylas SMTP/IMAP sender or as a Google SMTP/IMAP sender?

    There is no effect on deliverability because Nylas can be considered as an email client program that is using regular SMTP server to send an email. It is the same as if you are using some kind of email application and have multiple email accounts linked to it (Gmail, Outlook…), and all accounts can be used for sending from a single app.

  7. Will you in the future be able to mask the domains from Nylas within the headers of our emails?

    We are currently in process of building our own solution and connectors to all email platforms so that we are in control of everything. We are aiming to launch it sometime in mid-September.

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