1. When you are on the 'LookUp' tab - Domain Search section, type in a Company Name OR Domain (example: Uptics or uptics.io) in the text box provided in the Domain Search section highlighted below and click the 'Search' blue button.

  2. You will see the contact result of the entered domain details appear on the right side under where it says 'Discovered for uptics.io' as highlighted in the screenshot below. From here, you can proceed to select a single, multiple, or bulk records and save your search result as 'Contacts' within the system.

  3. You can do so by selecting the checkboxes beside the contact email id and clicking the appropriate 'Save as Contact' options highlighted below depending on your selected contact records if single, multiple, or bulk. The number of contacts selected will be highlighted on selection as pointed below.

  4. In doing so, the contacts will be saved within the system and the individual 'Save as Contact' icon for each contact record will turn blue and you will also be notified about the same via a screen prompt in the top right corner of the screen as shown in the below screenshot.

  5. The saved contacts will show under the 'Search History'. You also have the ability to search for the saved contacts by using the filter options under the 'Search History' section. The filer options used here are the ones highlighted in blue

  6. You can also open and access your saved contacts within the 'Domain Search' LookUp section by just clicking on the contact under the 'Search History' and it will open as shown below.

    Search Again Feature:

    The 'Search 'Again option when clicked on, will re-validate the result for the saved contact and will show under the 'Current Search' section as shown in the screenshot below. (Note: If the search is performed in that same timeframe, the results will be from our database)

    For example: if a contact's email address has been completely removed or does not exist anymore, and you search for the same contact email after 30+ days, the system will validate the address once again but the data will not be pulled from our internal database as it always does.

    There is an additional feature of 'Search Again'. For example, user A performs a domain search and gets 5 results and after a few days, user B performs an 'Email Finder' search and finds someone who was not found under the domain search, if user A performs the domain search again, he will now get 6 results from the database. If previous searches were made more than 30 days ago, results will be revalidated and will not pull the data from our internal database.

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