Uptics now has the 'Domain Search' LookUp feature. The primary purpose of the 'Domain Search' feature is to be able to type in a Company Name OR Domain and return any email results it can find associated with it.

You can now search for any domain without leaving Uptics and you will have a list of email results belonging to that particular domain show up on your screen.

This is what the 'Domain Search' section within Uptics looks like. When logged in to Uptics, you can click the 'LookUp' icon highlighted in the screenshot below to access the 'Domain Search' feature.

The 'Domain Search' LookUp feature utilizes '5 Uptics' per search irrespective of the number of contact results it fetches.

Few things that you can currently do using the 'Domain Search' feature.

Note: Directly adding a contact from the 'Discovered for' section to a Static List, Sequence, or Tag will autosave the contact within Uptics.

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