At present, we do not have the LinkedIn automation feature but do have plans to integrate with some LinkedIn automation softwares. In terms of integrating the LinkedIn messages, we would certainly cost around the ability to have messages saved from Linkedin and go into Uptics. That would be like our chrome extension functionality.

We do not think it will have LinkedIn messages in the short term. But, it could be possible depending on whom we ultimately decide to integrate with. For our LinkedIn automation tool, we have reached out to 3 different LinkedIn Automation platforms so far i.e. Expandi, Connected, and Skylead.

So we are basically going to pick a provider and integrate with one of them at some point, which may be in the 4th Quarter. But, it might have the functionality of sending the messages back into Uptics.

That would be our goal, so ultimately with this functionality, we want for you to be able to add a LinkedIn step under the sequence which is right now manual. We want this to be able to be your LinkedIn automation even if it is a separate provider. So that, you can manage your entire process inside of Uptics and consolidate the tech stack and focus on winning customers and not stitching software together.

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