Once you have searched and saved a contact via the LookUp - Email Finder within Uptics, you have the ability to add the contact to any of your existing 'Sequences' from the 'Current Search' or later under the 'Search History' section by using the filter options.

Learn more on 'How to 'Search' and 'Save' a contact using the 'Email Finder' LookUp feature.

Steps to add a contact to a 'Sequence'

  • When on the LookUp 'Search History' section, click the 'Add to Sequence' option beside the contact which shows on your mouse hover (see the below screenshot)

  • On clicking the 'Add to Sequence' option, a dropdown will appear with all your existing sequences within Uptics. From here, you can make a selection to add the contact to any of your existing sequences (you can add a contact to one or multiple sequences). If you have a long list of sequences, you also have the option to type and search for a sequence name using the search box highlighted in the screenshot below.

  • The number of existing 'Sequences' that your contact will be added to on your selection will be indicated as per the number of selections eg: '2 selected' and the selected sequences will also turn blue with a 'checkmark' symbol beside it (see the below screenshot). You can then click the 'Add' blue-button option.

  • Once the contact has been successfully added to the Sequence, the successful enrollment into the sequence will be indicated via a screen prompt on the top right corner as highlighted in the screenshot below and the 'Sequence' icon will turn blue.

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