The daily email sending limit and daily enrollment limit settings go hand in hand and will depend on various factors like how many sequences you have running and how many emails would you prefer to send out each day.

The daily enrollment limit is how many contact records will go from queued to step 2 in the sequence i.e. (start sending), whereas the daily send limit is the total outbound emails from the sequence. so as more and more contacts go down through the sequence steps, you will have contacts at each step of the sequence and you will need that Daily Send Limit to be higher.

For example: if you want 25 new records to get enrolled per day (to start sending emails), then you would want the daily send limit to be a factor of how many total emails you have in the sequence (since records may be at each step)

Begin with your daily enrollment limit number you'd like, multiply that by the number of emails in your sequence and use that for your daily email send limit. From there, choose the days and time of day you'd like the sequence to run.

Lastly, take the time of day hours you have set, multiply by 60 to get your minutes timeframe for the day, and divide by your daily email send limit number to get your ideal 'Delay Between Emails' number.

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