Can I remove/change an 'Email to Send From' while a sequence is live?

What happens if I change an 'email to send from' mid sequence within Uptics?

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Yes, you can though it is not suggested to change senders in the middle of a sequence, especially if you're using the "Send follow-up emails as a reply in the same thread" feature.

However, If you choose to remove any particular email selected under 'Send Email From' while the sequence is running, the sequence will stop sending from that email account in the next cycle as per your sequence 'send time' settings and will start to send from another selected email under 'Send Email From'.

*Note: If you have the settings to 'Send follow-up emails as a reply in the same thread turned 'ON', while you make any changes in the sending rotation feature mid sequence, the sequence won't send the remaining steps in the same thread but will start a new thread for those contacts to whom the initial email steps have been sent via the email id that was removed.

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