Email Sending Distribution (Multi-Inbox sending)

What is the purpose of 'Email Sending Distribution' with a Multi-Inbox strategy & how to use it?

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The purpose of the 'Email Sending Distribution' or Multi-Inbox Sending Rotation feature is for you to be able to select any of your connected emails and Uptics will automatically split/distribute your email sending across all your email accounts.

Note: To use this feature, you need to make sure that all your contacts are enrolled in the sequence via the sequence 'Enrollment' page and if enrolled manually via the 'Contacts' page you will want to ensure the correct email id has been selected under the 'From' field.

This feature will help with sending deliverability and also the sending limits per email account in Uptics. (The current email ending limit per day per email account is 450).

Steps to use the 'Email Sending Distribution

  1. Create your sequence steps.

  2. While on the Sending Options /Settings page and selecting the "Send Email From" you'll be able to pick multiple senders for that particular sequence.

  3. Once all your other settings are in place, Enroll your contacts and Launch Sequence.

  4. As per the selected emails under 'Send Email From' settings, Uptics will distribute the sending across those email accounts for you!

Below is a quick GIF on the Email Sending Distribution feature.

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