Email & SMS Subscription Settings

Where to find the Email & SMS Subscription Settings?

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Account Settings:

Within Uptics the Email & SMS Subscription Settings at a global account level can be found under Profile > Settings > Email & Phone. (see the below screenshot)

Contact Details Page:

The Email & SMS Subscription Settings at a contact level can be found under the 'Contact Details' page. You can view each contact's subscription here and can manually subscribe/unsubscribe them from Email & SMS Subscriptions as and when required. On making any changes within subscriptions on this page, it will also show under the contact log. (see the below screenshot)

Sequence Settings Tab:

You also have the ability to Add a link for contacts to unsubscribe from emails and Include an opt-out on SMS at a sequence level. You can do so from the sequence 'Settings' tab. (see the below screenshot)

Email & SMS Subscription Filters:

We also have the Email and SMS Subscription Status Filters. You can filter your contacts under the 'Contacts' page by selecting the required filter to check for the status of contacts that have subscribed and unsubscribed from Email & SMS. (see the below screenshot)

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