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Import with 'special characters' are not featuring correctly within Uptics
Import with 'special characters' are not featuring correctly within Uptics

Importing file with special characters within Uptics

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The 'Name Corrections' feature is time-saving and helps correct Upper/Lowercase capitalization issues, emojis, and special characters from names, suffixes, and prefixes.

If your import with special characters is not looking correct within Uptics, an example of a first name would be “Jörg-Paés” which would get imported as “Jörgpaés”.

In this case, you would first want to check if your 'Name Corrections' settings are turned 'ON' within your account. That could be affecting the import if the setting is turned 'ON'.

If the 'Name Corrections' settings turned 'ON', it would first remove the -, and then it would proceed to lowercase the P in paes since removing the - has made it a single string, and thus a capitalization issue.

You could approach using the Name Correction feature in two ways, either keep it 'ON' and scrub your list and make manual edits after importing, or turn it 'OFF' and scrub the list for any special character issues or capitalization issues.

Going with either approach depends on the amount of either issue.

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