Yes, there is a possibility to download analytics in a CSV format for ongoing as well as paused campaigns. You can do so by utilizing filters on the 'Contacts' page by clicking on the '+Add Filter' option and selecting the required properties under the filter options.

Below is an example of properties you need to select under the filter options if you need to know which leads have opened, replied or are enrolled and yet to interact.

  • Sequence - (select your sequence name)

  • Number of Emails Opened - (you can select the Greater Than, Less Than, Equals value)

  • Number of Email Replies - (you can select the Greater Than, Less Than, Equals value)

After selecting a particular filter and values, you will have an updated list basis the filter applied and you can export the list from the same 'Contacts' page by clicking the 'More' option and selecting 'Export Data' from the dropdown. (see the below screenshot)

On doing so, you will be notified on the export in the top right corner of your screen (see below screenshot) and you will receive the exported file link via email to the address you use to log in to Uptics. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam box as well.

You can also download a list of all your records with all the fields, and you can filter through the CSV for what field is needed.

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