There are a lot of factors that will determine when the emails will start going out! You would want to check for the points mentioned below:

1) Is your email account connected, obviously for deliverability reasons this needs to be connected.

2) Your sequence is turned on within the Sequence Listing page (toggle is blue).

3) The Sequence is showing that contacts are enrolled on the Sequence Enrollment Page.
4) In regards to the Sequence Settings, there are a lot of parameters in there to determine sending time, sending days, and who the emails are being sent from (either a specific email address of a user in your account, or the contact owner).
 - If choosing Send From 'contact owner', emails will only go out in that sequence If you have the contact owner property field assigned to a specific user for those contact records.

5) Also, under your global Settings, a few parameters like Timezone Preferences, Email Sending Safety Settings, and Email Validation can also affect sequence sending.

If all of the above points have been verified, then emails should begin to go out within a few minutes.

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