We have 200+ free 'uptic' credits that can be earned by completing steps on the Onboarding Page (click the 'Home' icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen).

The onboarding steps help you understand the platform, and the 'uptic' credits are added to your subscription plan as completed and will be visible at the bottom left corner of your screen (see above screenshot). The 'uptic' credits are "one-time" credits to get you started and use them for your outbound activities.

You will also require to add a payment method to get started with your outbound activities since, Uptics has a "metered balance" system to use the metered-based features inside the platform, such as Phone, SMS, and Email Validations.

Once your metered balance has been recharged, you can use a variety of features like inbound/outbound calling, SMS, email validations, etc. Learn more about Metered Balance!


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