Using the chrome extension is quite straightforward. Once you have this installed, any LinkedIn tasks you have created inside of your Uptics account will show up on the extension.

LinkedIn tasks can be created via sequence as a step, in which bulk tasks will be automatically created for all of your records that are enrolled into a sequence. Also, manual LinkedIn tasks can be created and these will show up in the extension as well.

With the extension loaded, you can begin to cross of your tasks by simply applying any filters you may want to view, clicking on the action to the right of the prospect to bring you to their profile, completing the action, and finally crossing off the task.

If you have any contact records inside of Uptics that do not have the LinkedIn URL applied, the extension will notify you of this and you'll need to add their LinkedIn URL to their record inside of Uptics to be able to view the profile with the click of a button.

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