We have released the Uptics chrome extension to help with your LinkedIn prospecting efforts. This extension helps manage LinkedIn tasks that are either manually, or automatically, created inside of Uptics.

Version 1, which is currently released, will sync LinkedIn tasks from the Uptics Sales Inbox with the chrome extension so that you can stay on your LinkedIn pages while doing your outreach or other prospecting efforts.

Currently, the extension has the ability to filter between LinkedIn tasks, mark tasks as completed, and view the profiles of your leads that have LinkedIn URLs present inside the contact records.

We have big plans in the near future for a lot of enhancements with this tool!

If you're currently using a personalized LinkedIn strategy in your business, or would like to start, check out the free Uptics Sales Automation CRM extension in the Google Chrome Store.

To Install the LinkedIn Chrome Extension

  1. Click here to view the landing page and click 'Add to Chrome'. On the popout, click 'add extension'.

  2. Once installed, you will see a prompt in the upper right-hand corner of your screen - you may click the 'x' on this to proceed.

  3. Hard refresh your screen using Ctrl+Shift+R to load the extension.

  4. Proceed to LinkedIn, click the extension on your browser, and sign in using the same credentials you use to log in to your Uptics account.

  5. Begin your LinkedIn prospecting efforts using the tasks you have created inside of your Uptics account!

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