What is LinkedIn Chrome Extension?

Uses of LinkedIn Chrome Extension

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The LinkedIn Chrome Extension is being developed with the functionality listed below. Obviously, this will be enhanced over time!

Within Uptics, you currently have the ability to create LinkedIn Tasks as part of your outbound prospecting, either manually or automated as a step inside of a sequence. This can include connecting with an individual, commenting on a post, writing a message, etc...

Without an extension, one has to view each task inside of Uptics, go to LinkedIn (via link inside the Uptics task), perform the task, and then go back to Uptics to mark the task off as complete.

With the extension, this will sit over your LinkedIn pages while you're browsing, and it will allow you to complete any LinkedIn tasks that are due, all inside of LinkedIn. Marking these tasks off on the extension will mark them as complete in Uptics, so the prospect can move on to the next step of any sequences they are currently enrolled in, and you can stay in LinkedIn to continue your prospecting efforts.

Furthermore, for the next phase of the LinkedIn Chrome Extension project, we will be creating the following enhancements:

-Ability to save contact information with the click of a button from a LinkedIn Profile into your Uptics Account.

-Ability to take notes on a contact inside of LinkedIn to appear inside the record in Uptics.

-Ability to add a tag to a contact from inside the extension.

-Ability to enroll a contact into a sequence directly from the LinkedIn extension.

Here is a small collection of articles to help you get you started with the Uptics Sales Automation - LinkedIn Chrome Extension.

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