Fallback Tokens
If you're missing data in Uptics for a property reference, for instance {Contact First Name}, you can now input a custom "fallback" in case that field is blank so your messages make more sense!

Currently, Fallback Tokens will work for subject lines ONLY if you have that fallback in the message body as well. Subject Line doesn't currently support making the 'fallback', but if that same field is in the message body it will use the fallback you have assigned in the body.

Also at present, there is not the ability to apply another property field as a fallback, only a hardcoded text entry. As long as you add the property eg: ( first name) into the message body of the template, you can click on the property and apply whatever fallback you would like to use via a hardcoded text.

Below is a quick video that will help break down Fallback Tokens and their use case.

Fallback Token Video

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