Signals are basically 'Alerts', so once you go live with emails, sequences, SMS messages, etc, this will display any of the alerts all in one place for you! You can filter by specific signals/alerts however you'd like.

The Signals tab lets you view any Inbound Calls, Email Opens, Email Clicks, and Email Unsubscribes. This is helpful because those actions provide you with "signals" of engagement from your prospects, which can help you make decisions on future outreach with the prospects.

On the Signals tab, there is the ability to filter your signals with the following static filters across the top of the screen:

  • Type (Inbound Calls, Email Opens, Email Clicks, and Email Unsubscribes)

  • Name (Contact Name)

  • Date (Activity Date)

To access the Contact's Details Page, simply click on the row of the signal and this will open up the popout for you.

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