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Is it possible to connect and send using an Email Alias?
Is it possible to connect and send using an Email Alias?

Information around Email Aliases and why they are not supported as an inbox.

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It is not possible to connect email aliases inside of Uptics since you must go through an authorization process when connecting an inbox, or email-sending account.

Any inboxes that you attempt to connect in Uptics must be actual business email addresses in order to connect to the WarmUp network, while any inbox will work to connect for general sending.

This is not a limitation on our end, but rather due to the nature of what email aliases are (essentially a masked forwarding email address), these share the same account settings and such as your primary and are not considered separate email addresses.

The limit with using email aliases is that the system is not able to access their inbox without knowing the real email address behind it.

Because of these reasons and others, they cannot connect for sending and receiving, and actual email addresses are required.

Regarding email warming, there is no point in warming up aliases since if your real email is warmed up then so would its aliases.

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