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How to set up Lead Scoring within Uptics
How to set up Lead Scoring within Uptics

Steps to activate lead scoring and utilize it inside your account

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Lead Scoring is an effective model used by sales and marketing departments to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to your company. Think of Lead Scoring as a score for your prospects based off the properties or prospect activities that matter most to you and your business.

Ultimately, Lead Scoring will help you make more informed decisions on who to spend your time prospecting.

In Uptics, on top of a general Lead Score, you are able to set thresholds that will mark leads as Hot, Warm, or Cold based on your pre-defined scores for the properties you'd like to score.

Setting up your Lead Scoring

Your Lead Scoring Settings can be found by clicking on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, clicking on 'Settings', and then 'Lead Scoring' on the left submenu.

When you arrive at this page there are two general areas to make note of - Scoring Rules and Temperature Settings.

Within Scoring Rules, you can add any properties and property values that you deem important to serve as a lead scoring property. Once you select the properties and parameters, you can then assign the 'score' you would like added to your prospects' Lead Score when they meet your parameters. The lead score of a prospect can be filtered on the Contacts pages by using the filter 'Lead Score'.

Within Temperature Settings, you can define at what 'score' you would like a prospect to be considered a Hot, Warm, or Cold lead. The temperature of a prospect can be filtered on the Contacts pages by using the filter 'Lead Score Status'.

Below you will find a simple example of a Lead Scoring setup.

In this example, the properties under 'Scoring Rules' are the properties I want to score my prospects moving forward.

So, for example, if I send an email out and it is opened, a score of 1 will be added to the prospect's lead score per the first property setting (Number of Emails Opened Equals 1 - with a score of 1).

If the prospect opens the email again and clicks a link, a score of 15 will be added to the prospect's lead score per the second and third property setting (Number of Emails Opened Greater than 1 - with a score of 10, Number of Email Link Clicks Equals 1 - with a score of 5).

Finally, if the prospect replies via email, per the fifth property setting, a score of 20 will be added to the prospect.

At this point the prospect will have a lead score of 36, which based on the temperature settings, would classify this as a 'Warm' lead.

All property thresholds and temperature settings should be adjusted and valued to what works best for your business, taking into account the actions/activities you'd like the prospect to take with your sales outreach.

Once you have set up your Lead Scoring settings, you can utilize the filters on the Contacts pages to make SmartLists to help you prioritize your outreach and followups based on who is engaging with your emails, SMS messages, phone calls, etc.

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