The fifth step in onboarding with Uptics is to generate a Zapier Key to start automating other processes.

You can now connect your apps and automate workflows with Zapier quickly and easily once you have a Zapier account by just following the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Generate Key', and copy the key that is generated.

  2. Once the API key is copied from Uptics, proceed and login to and click on 'My Apps' on the left toolbar.

  3. Under 'My Apps', there will be a dropdown to 'Connect a new account'. Click the dropdown, type in 'Uptics,' select our app, paste the 'API Key' into the box, and click the 'Yes, Continue' button.

  4. Once you have done this, your Zapier integration is complete and you're ready to start enhancing your automation a step further using Zapier!

You can integrate with 1000+ applications using Zapier by choosing from one of the pre-built Zaps to integrate your other applications with Uptics by just clicking on the 'Use this Zap' blue button shown in the screenshot above. Or login to Zapier to start building custom Zaps with Uptics.

Learn more on 'How to use the Zapier Integration'.

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