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Automatic Name Corrections
Automatic Name Corrections

Fix capitalization issues, remove special characters, and purge defined keywords from names

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If you're wasting time cleaning and correcting capitalization issues with contact and lead names..OR even worse...

If you're sending communications to contacts, leads, customers etc with incorrect name punctuation, then we have a feature in Uptics that will save you a bunch of time and hassle!

Why is this important? If you're using autoresponders or automation in any way, often time names are incorrect and you don't have the time to go through all of your contacts all the time.

This feature is an extra safety layer that will help with your outreach.

Here's what the feature will do...

1. It will correct Upper/Lowercase capitalization issues (ex. a name is spelled in all capitals such as "SCOTTIE"). The system will correct the name to read "Scottie" without you needing to do anything. Likewise, it will do the same thing if some spells a name with a lowercase first letter such as "sunil". It will correct this to "Sunil"

2. Additionally, we've added the ability for the system to remove Emojis and Special Characters from names as well.

3. Lastly, you also have the ability to remove certain words that you wish to remove from names. Things such as Suffixes and Prefixes. An example here could be if you got the wise guy who puts the word "Ninja" in their name. You can have this removed by updating a dynamic list of words that you set in the system.

Here's how the settings look. To update these navigate to System Settings > Email & Phone > Name Corrections:

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