If you are currently in a free trial of Uptics, there may come a point in time that you will want to take full advantage of the features and benefits our platform provides.

Upgrading to a paid subscription is quite simple, and can be completed with a few clicks of your mouse from your 'Profile' icon

To upgrade to a paid subscription in Uptics:

  1. While logged into Uptics, proceed to your Profile icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and select Plan & Billing or

  2. Access your Settings and click on the Plan & Billng tab under the 'Admin Settings'. You will be directed to the page shown below.

  3. From the above page, you have the ability to confirm any selected plan by clicking the 'Confirm' button that shows on the popup that appears on selecting any of the plan options shown above.

  4. On clicking on any of the plans, you will be prompted to add a payment method as shown below (if you haven't already entered this information). Proceed to the 'Payment Method' section shown in the next screenshot. Add the required details, press the blue 'Save' button, and your payment information will be saved.

  5. You will need to follow the same steps to switch to any other plan in the future.

  6. On selecting a plan and pressing the 'Confirm' button, your account will be switched to the newly selected plan.

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