In order to have a paid subscription and/or use the metered balance features, you must have a payment method present in Uptics.

If you are looking to upgrade your plan after your free trial, you may simply click the 'Profile' icon > Plan & Billing option and click on '+Add Payment Method' under the section which says 'Payment Method', enter in your payment information and click 'Save'.

To add a Payment Method while subscribing to a paid plan:

  1. While present on the Plan & Billing tab under Profile > Settings > Admin Settings, if you proceed by clicking on any plan under the 'Plan' section, a popup will appear at the top right-hand side of your screen saying 'Please add a payment method first' (if you haven't already entered this information).

  2. Proceed to the 'Payment Method' section under the same Plan & Billing tab, click on '+Add Payment Method' and enter your payment information. Proceed by entering a 'Promo Code' in the input field provided, if applicable, and click the blue 'Save' button.

  3. On clicking the blue 'Save' button, your account will be upgraded and your payment information will be saved in the system.

  4. Enjoy your new features and start generating more business!

To add the Payment Method for my Metered Balance Charges:

  1. While present on the Metered Balance tab under the Profile, proceed by clicking the "Manual" tab.

  2. Enter the amount for Manual recharge of your Metered Balance in the input field under 'Add to your balance' and click on 'Add Funds'. A popup will appear as shown in the second screenshot.

  3. To add your payment details, proceed to your Profile icon > Plan & Billing > Payment Method and add your payment method information.

  4. Once the details are entered, press the 'Save' button and your payment information will be updated.

*Note: Currently you have the option to add only one payment method within Uptics. If you need to add another payment method, you will first need to delete the current/old payment details. The deletion of old details can be done under Profile > Settings > Admin Settings > Plan & Billing > Payment Method (you will have a delete option beside your card details). You can edit your details by clicking on the 'Edit' pencil beside your card details.

Once you delete the old/current payment details, you can add a new Payment Method under the same.

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