With our ZeroBounce Integration, you will be able to run a validation on the email addresses associated with your contacts and return the following status codes on each and every email you choose: valid, invalid, catch-all, unknown, spamtrap, abuse, and do_not_mail.

You may click here to view an in-depth breakdown of each status code with definitions respective to each status.

Within this article, I will cover (a) the settings you will want to be made aware of in regards to your email validation, and (b) how to perform the email validation tasks on your current prospecting lists.

Adjusting your ZeroBounce Settings in Uptics

The ZeroBounce Integration Settings will allow you to choose if you'd like Uptics to validate all new email addresses of your contacts when they come into the system, as well as limit email addresses from sending based on the respective status codes that return (for both Bulk Emails and Sequences).

To access and adjust your settings:

  1. While logged into Uptics, proceed to the 'Profile' icon at the bottom left-hand side toolbar and select 'Settings'.

  2. Click on 'Email & Phone' > 'Email Validations' and you will see the ZeroBounce Integration Settings.

  3. To validate all new email addresses of your contacts when they come into the system, turn on the toggle (it will be blue if it is turned on).

  4. Under the 'Only Send Emails To', choose the returned status codes that you would like emails sent to from Uptics. Sending emails to email addresses with "valid" and "catch-all" status codes are recommended, however, you can add in whatever other status codes you'd like. Please note: sending emails to addresses with status codes other than "valid" or "catch-all" may increase the risk of your emails being flagged as spam or hurting your IP reputation. Also, if there were already existing contacts and email addresses that had not been validated, these emails will still send no matter what (unless validated and deemed not to send based on the rule settings).

  5. For the last two toggles, which means of sending emails you would like the rule(s) determined to be applied to. If both are turned on, then the rule will apply both when sending bulk emails to a list of contacts and when enrolling contacts into an email sequence.

Performing Manual Email Validation on your Current Contact Lists

If you already have contacts in your lists that have not been validated, you may manually validate these whenever you would like. Follow the steps below to manually validate a selected number of email addresses

  1. While logged into Uptics, proceed to the 'Contacts' tab on the left-hand side toolbar.

  2. Using a Saved Filter (SmartList), or the search bar at the top of the screen, display the list of contacts you would like to validate email addresses for.

  3. Using the checkboxes to the left of each contact, select the contacts whose email addresses you'd like to validate.

  4. From there, click on the 'More" dropdown above your contact list headers and select 'Validate Emails'.

  5. You will get a notification that the email verification process is taking place, and your contact lists will update once complete.

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