Companies are the individual company prospects you have added to your sales automation software. Companies are added automatically to your Companies List using the email domain from any People Contact Creation function you perform, thus associating that individual contact with the company, but can also be added manually or imported via file. Furthermore, you can also manually associate a Contact with a Company, or vice versa, under the respective People/Company Details pop-up page.

As an example, let's say you create 2 new contacts under the Contacts People List page with the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected]. Upon creating the first contact ([email protected]), a company will be created on the Companies List using the 'domain', with the [email protected] 'Contact' being associated to the new company, and vice versa. Once this new company is created, you may want to pop into the Company Details pop-up page and update the company name, primary email address, lead source/status/type, etc. Upon creating the second contact ([email protected]), as with the first contact, you will see the associations between contact and company come together.

When present on the Companies List page, the layout will look very similar to that of the People List under the Contacts and breaks up into essentially the same five main areas.

Companies List areas as shown in the image above...

  1. Company Details (Quickview) - This area shows any companies under the current Search Query SmartList, or Filter(s) you are viewing, along with the associated company properties you have selected in the Company Details Columns. With no Search Query SmartList, or Filters selected, all of your companies will be present on the list in the Company Details (Quickview).

  2. Bulk Company Functions - This area allows you to perform a number of bulk functions to any number of companies. These functions include Bulk Emails/SMS/Sequence Enrollment/Property Edit/Company Deletion, Validate Emails, Export Data, Add to Static List, Create/Search Tags, and using the Power Dialer.

  3. Companies List Custom Field Settings - These settings allow you to (a) Customize Columns on the Company Details (Quickview) area, (b) Customize Forms when manually adding a company, (c) Create Custom Fields as properties within Uptics.

  4. +Add Filter & Save (Smartlist)- The filter option will let you narrow down your results further using multiple property values and attributes. The Filter is also where you can begin creating SmartLists (Saved Filters) by 'saving a filter' and clicking the 'Save' option to finish the SmartList creation.

  5. Search Bar & Settings - The search bar lets you quickly search for any particular SmartList created. The 'Settings' option gives you the SmartList visibility and allows you to edit, delete and reorder them.

Differences from People Page under Contact Lists

As mentioned previously, the layout of the Companies List page is very similar to that of the People List under Contacts. You can apply the same fundamentals to the Companies List page that you learned in the Contacts List Overview article, in regards to the Contacts List page. Below I will point out the differences, broken up into each of the 5 main areas of the page.

Company Details (Quickview)

This area is essentially the same, with the only difference being some of the property fields that are present, by default, under the columns in the Quickview. These can be adjusted using the Companies List Custom Field Settings > Customize Columns.

Bulk Company Functions

This area has the same functionality as that of the People Contacts List page. One note to make is that you will want to assign the main email address and phone number you'd like to use to prospect any companies within the system, as performing any bulk functions will not default to emailing/calling the respective contacts that are associated with that company, and rather it will use the property values/attributes that are assigned to the company specifically.

Companies List Custom Field Settings

This area has the same functionality as that of the People Contacts List page, except the changes you make are respective to only the Companies List page.

+Add Filter & Save (Smartlist)

This + Add Filter & Save (SmartList) option has the same functionality as that of the People Contacts List page. The one thing to make note of here is that each Lists page (Contacts, Companies, and Deals) has its own SmartLists, meaning that you won't be able to access your People Contacts SmartLists under your Companies SmartLists, and vice versa.

Search Bar & Settings

This area has the same functionality as that of the People Contacts List page.

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