Within the Contacts List page, you have the ability to use filters to sort and find contacts, making it easy to search and prioritize your contacts. You can drill down as many fields as you'd like within your search, and you also have the option to save the search filter as a SmartList for future reference. Before using filters, you will want to make sure you have contacts present under your contacts list.

The search bar allows you to quickly search for any particular SmartList created. When using the search bar, you can quickly search results for the SmartList. However, this is limited to searching only SmartLists. Using this function simply requires typing what you are searching for into the search bar. For more specific searches, you will want to proceed to the 'Filter' function of the platform.


Within the +Add Filter Function, you can customize search queries based on property values and attributes you choose. This allows you to run a much more defined search.

For instance, you could create a filter for any contacts that (a) have a phone number present in the system, (b) have an email address present in the system, and (c) have a 'Lead Status' of "New". Running a filter like this will allow you to view a list of new contacts that have multiple means of communication channels available and present in the system.

To use the +Add Filter function within Uptics:

  • Begin by clicking the '+Add Filter' button on the Contacts List page. From the dropdown list, you can begin to add the property fields you'd like included in the filter. For ease of adding multiple properties, you may utilize the search feature that appears when you select the property dropdown. Using the example above, I would select the properties for 'Phone Number', 'Email' contains as 'Is not blank', and 'Lead Status' contains as 'New'.

  • If you want to filter a particular property field type using multiple attributes, you will have to create separate filters using the same property field type. You may also have some property fields where you may have to enter in a 'Value' or 'Text'. There could also be scenarios in which you want to return any contact that has a specific property present, or not present, within the system. You will need to enter in the property attributes or values you are searching for, ensuring to press 'Enter" on your keyboard to submit. Your entry will appear with a grey box around it once submitted to the filter.

  • Once your property attributes for the filter are selected (the attributes will show on the top before the +Add Filter option), your filter is set. At this point, you may have also noticed that your list below has been changing as you submit property fields and attributes to the filter. If you want to clear a particular filter, when you hover your cursor over the property field, you will find an "X" out option to clear the filter. Your filter settings will be reset if you leave the Contacts List page and come back. Here's a demonstration video on 'Utilizing Filters'.

  • You also have the 'Save' button on the top right-hand corner of the Filter options, this allows you to save your filter as a SmartList (Saved Filter).

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