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Contacts List Overview
Contacts List Overview

Steps to navigate your Contacts List in Uptics

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Contacts are the individual prospects you have added to your sales automation software. When present on the Contacts List page, there are five main areas of the page we will focus on over (see links below for each area).

Contacts List areas as pointed out in the above video...

  1. Contact Details (Quickview) - This area shows any contacts under the current Search Query, SmartList, or Filter(s) you are viewing, along with the associated contact properties you have selected in the Contact Details Columns. With no Search Queries, SmartLists or Filters selected, all of your contacts will be present on the list in the Contact Details (Quickview).

  2. Bulk Contact Functions - This area allows you to perform a number of bulk functions to any number of contacts. These functions include Bulk Emails/SMS/Sequence Enrollment/Property Edit/Contact Deletion/Validate Emails Addresses using ZeroBounce/Export your List Data/Add to Static List/Tag and Bulk Call using the Power Dialer.

  3. Contacts List Custom Field Settings - This vertical bar setting allows you to (a) Customize Columns on the Contact Details (Quickview) area, (b) Customize Forms when manually adding a contact, (c) Create Custom Fields as properties within Uptics.

  4. Search Bar & Filter - This area allows you to query search results based on the properties of your choosing. While the search bar can let you quickly search for a single property value without creating a filter, the filter will let you narrow down your results even further using multiple property values and attributes. The Filter is also where you can begin creating SmartLists (Saved Filters) by 'saving a filter' and following the on-screen steps to finish the SmartList creation.

  5. SmartLists (Saved Filters) & Settings - This area allows you to view, edit, delete, and perform bulk contact functions with the SmartLists (Saved Filters) you have created. The 'Settings' option gives you the SmartList visibility and allows you to edit, delete and reorder them.

Please proceed to the respective links above for an in-depth look at the features and functions.

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