A role defines the activities the user has access to perform within Uptics Sales Automation.

By default, the first user within your company to create an Uptics account will be assigned the Admin Role. There is also a User Role that is created by default, and any other team members you add will be automatically assigned as a User. These roles are very simple to define. An easy starting point is to simply create an "Admin" and "User" role within the system.

We also have certain permission features that will allow you, the Admin, to open up or restrict certain features and functions within the platform to certain roles.


There are two types of roles within the Uptics Platform:

1. Admin - This is the master account. This role has full access to the account including the ability to add new users, set system preferences, and update the subscription plans & billing tab.

2. User - This role cannot manage users, plans & billing information.

To Add Roles within Uptics:

  1. While logged into app.uptics.io, proceed to the 'Profile' icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and click on Settings.

  2. Next, click on 'Users' under your Admin Settings.

  3. From there, proceed by clicking on the '+ Add' or '+Add User' button on the right-hand side of the screen.

  4. Proceed by entering the details of the user you wish to add in the popup window and finish by selecting their Role Access permissions.

  5. Click the 'Save' button and your new role will be present in the system. A good starting point would be to add an "Admin" and "User" role to your account.

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