The second step of the Onboarding module inside Uptics is to get your leads, prospects, and contacts into Uptics.

Although the platform will walk you through the specifics on importing your lead lists, below is some detailed information regarding the steps to get your contacts in Uptics.

There are 2 functions that need to happen for a successful import via file:

  • Prepare your import file and identify your import fields

  • Use the system tool to import the file into the software

To prepare your import file and identify your import fields:

You will want to make sure you have a current prospecting list, or multiple, that you'd like to get into the Sales Automation Software. This could be anything from a list of former Clients you'd like to re-target, to a list of your current Clients you'd like to upsell or be in communication with, or a list of thousands of cold prospects you scraped the web for and want to conduct outbound prospecting on.

Once your list (or lists) is identified, the next step is to get the file into CSV format. If your current list is in any type of Excel File, you can also simply resave the file as a CSV and it will be good to go as well, you will just want to make sure to have your columns identified in the file. For step-by-step instructions from Microsft on saving an Excel File as a CSV File, please click here. Depending on what other types of files your lists may be present in, there may be software to convert the data into columns on a spreadsheet, but I think most of you will find the lists will already be in spreadsheet form.

Once your file is saved as a CSV file, you may want to proceed by entering some other columns/property fields to ease any updating once imported into the system. For example, you may have a list with simply First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address Headers. If there are certain distinguishing property fields you would like imported amongst your list(s) of prospects (i.e. Lead Sources, Lead Statuses, Lead Types, or other custom fields), you may go ahead and fill out the properties in these cells on the file prior to importing in Uptics Sales Automation Software.

Getting your Contacts, Companies, and Deals into Uptics:

While there are a few different ways of getting Contacts, Companies, and Deals into Uptics Sales Automation Software, refer to this article which focuses on steps to Manually add Contacts, Companies, or Deals records into Uptics

While you can quickly create and add a single Contact/Company/Deal within the system, the import feature allows you to import mass lists into the system with a CSV file through a simple process, refer to the steps to conduct the import explained in the article steps to Import Contacts, Companies, and Deals into Uptics via a CSV file

You may also automate the creation of Contacts and Deals into Uptics by reviewing our Zapier Integration article that focuses on how to set up and use this to your advantage.

Wrapping up your Contact, Company, and Deal Creation in Uptics:

While the preceding steps in this article were focused on Importing a Contact List via File and Manual Contact Creation, please keep in mind the same steps can be used to create a Company or Deal in the system as well. Time to get the ball rolling on your prospecting efforts!

Should you have any questions, issues, or obstacles in completing these steps, please reach out to me using the chat 'Support' widget in the bottom left-hand corner of Uptics, or reach out via email to [email protected], and we would be happy to assist!

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