The Deal Status Indicator references how close you are to approaching the 'Close Date' on an active deal. Depending on the parameters set in the settings, the Deal Status Indicator will turn specific colors as the deal approaches the close date.

This property is a default Uptics Sales Automation field in which you have the ability to customize the number of days from the close date and the corresponding color indicators.

These indicators are present on the Deals List Page > Kanban View (Deal Amounts will correspond to these thresholds). You will also notice this next to the Deal Amount inside the Deals Details Popout.

Default Deal Status Indicator Options:

  • Green - 3 days from the close date

  • Yellow - 2 days from the close date

  • Red - 1 day from close date

To adjust the thresholds on your Deal Status Indicators:

  1. While logged into, proceed to the 'CRM Settings' tab on the bottom left-hand side of the screen, ensure the tab along the top is set to Customizations, and proceed to the ‘Deal Status Indicator’ section at the bottom right side of the screen.

  2. Once under the ‘Deal Status Indicator’ section, determine the number of days you would like for each of the 3 color-coded deal status indicator options. These color-coded indicators will change on each of your deals, and will be dependent on the 'Close Date' you identify when creating a new deal in the system.

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