What is Sales Automation?

What is Sales Automation and Why is it Important?

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Whether you're a business owner or sales professional, it doesn't matter, you can benefit from our software, our community, and the training.

There are a lot of software tools in the marketplace to help with sales automation. Many of them work great, some of them don't, but sales automation isn't tied to any specific individual software.

Sales automation is a philosophy. Something that is engrained into the DNA of a business. The beauty of it is that you don't have to be born with it. It's a way of business life and can be implemented into any business at any time.

Simply put, sales automation is just finding faster and smarter ways to scale your sales processes using systems. Mostly, these systems are technology, but at some point you need a human more than likely. Just because you need a human, though, doesn't mean you don't work on systems to further automate human processes. They are equally important.

Why is sales automation important?

Most business owners I know are really happy with the way they are running their business. They're probably making $150k-$250k and life is pretty simple. Combine that with a second household income and you're in the top 5% of earners in the US.

There's not a lot of pressure because they're making a pretty good living. Well, we've been in a bull market for 12 years (until right now 2020) as everyone is staring at the COVID crisis, and markets and industries have been completely shut down.

Now don't get me wrong, there will be plenty of people who survive this downturn, recession, depression, whatever comes of it. But why would you want to only survive?

Why does sales automation matter? All of that is to say, that as business owners it's our duty to continually streamline and grow our business because our butt is on the line.

There is so much out of our control in the world, that we have to take advantage of our situation during the good times by constantly innovating and streamlining our business so that we are prepared when shit hits the fan (like it is now).

Sales automation is one piece of that equation, but it's important because you're always going to need more business.

7 Ways You Can Benefit From Sales Automation

More With Less: If you're constantly working to automate your business you'll be able to accomplish more with fewer resources. This is a very good position to be in because you'll be much more nimble and will be able to react and make changes much quicker.

Controlled & Defined Processes: You'll have a defined process in the way that you approach generating revenue. Instead of blindfolding yourself and throwing a dart at the board, why not take the blindfold off and increase your chance of hitting the target...which is helping more customers and growing your sales.

Brand Consistency: Building your process is going to help you control your message to the market and give you consistency in how you're perceived. Maybe this hasn't been important to you, but the network effects will pay off in the long run.

Future Proof: Generating more revenue, cash, and profit, will put you in a position, when things get bad, to double down, and come out the other side stronger which means you'll likely be better off than your competition.

Focus Resources: Nobody thinks about limited resources until there is a reason. Right now is a perfect example...people that have taken resources for granted are getting punched in the mouth right now. Don't get punched in the mouth. Repurpose your always precious resources where it will benefit you in the long term.

Staff Training: Having sales automation in place will help you onboard employees much easier and reduce the time to train them, which saves and makes you more cash as a business.

Creating an Asset: At some point, I'm sure you've thought about the day that you "pack it up" and retire. If you don't have any of this in place you're shooting yourself in the foot by not maximizing the return you could get by selling the business. Even if you want to keep your business in the family or you plan to operate it, you'll need to rely on someone else eventually, which means you're going to need more resources, whether it be cash, systems, infrastructure, training, etc.

Wrapping Up

If you read this far hopefully, by now, you get the point. If not, you might be wasting your time here. For those of you who "get it" you might be thinking, "this is great, but now what"?

The next step, if you haven't already, is to signup and check out the software and/or review some of our free online sales training courses.

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