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How to Edit a Property for a Contact or Company
How to Edit a Property for a Contact or Company

Steps to edit or change a contact or companies details in Uptics

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To edit a contact property:

  1. While logged into Uptics, click Contacts on the left toolbar. If you are looking to edit a Company property, please follow these same instructions except you will want to go to the Company tab in the next step, instead of the People tab.

  2. Ensure you are on the 'People' tab near the top of the page on the left.

  3. While on the People page, you will see your contacts below in the Quickview.

  4. Find the contact you wish to edit, and if it is not present, use the search bar or filter to find the contact you are looking for.

  5. Proceed to enter the contact details page by clicking anywhere on the row other than the quick action buttons.

  6. Once you are within the contact details popup on the platform, you will be able to perform the following: make edits or changes to the contact details, make and log phone calls, make and log emails, generate SMS messages, create tasks relative to the contact, schedule meetings with the contact, add notes pertaining to the contact, view companies associated with the contact, view deals associated with the contact, and adjust the Property Vie' settings (denoting the fields that appear on the left side of the screen under each contact).

  7. While present in the Properties area on the Contact Details Popup, clicking 'Show More', the 'Customize Properties' list will open on the right side of the screen which will allow you to view and adjust the properties that are currently showing. These can be edited by simply clicking into the field and saving with the checkmark.

  8. Within the 'Customize Properties' Popout, you will be able to select the boxes of the fields you would like to have present on the left side of the contacts page.  All fields, including custom fields, can appear on the list.  Once you have chosen the fields, you can adjust the order they appear via the drag and drop feature on the right side.  Finally, Click the X in the upper right-hand corner of the form for the changes to apply. Please note. you can make changes to your property views for the Company and Deal Details pages as well on this same popout.

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