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How to use Contacts within Uptics
How to use Contacts within Uptics

Basic information on using contacts and the functions that can be performed in the Contact Details Popup

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Contacts are individuals who represent an account or company you do business with. These contacts could be (a) sales leads or prospects, (b) current customers, or (c) former customers or previously not interested.  

The Contacts List will house all of the contacts while displaying the contact field columns of your choosing. By clicking anywhere on a contact row, you will be able to view all contact fields pertaining to that individual contact. Furthermore, while within an individual contact on the platform on the details page, you will have the ability to perform the following:

  • Make edits or changes to the contact's details/properties.

  • Make and log phone calls.

  • Send and log emails.

  • Send an SMS.

  • Create and manage tasks relative to the contact.

  • Schedule and log Events with the contact.

  • Add notes pertaining to the contact.

  • Create, view, and associate companies with the contact.

  • Create, view, and associate deals with the contact.

  • Add Tags to contacts.

  • Enroll contacts into sequences.

  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe a contact from Emal or SMS.

  • Adjust "Property View" settings using Customize Properties, denoting the fields that appear on the left side of the screen under each contact.

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