Changing your Uptics Account's default time zone in Uptics is quite simple. This is important, as your sequence send times and dates will follow these settings in your Uptics account.

To update this, proceed to your profile icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, click on Settings, then select Profile & Preferences. From there, under the Preferences section, the first dropdown is your default time zone selection.

Your time zone affects a number of time-based features in Uptics. For example, your app’s timezone lets us know: 

  • When to send emails that you have set specific time sending limits in your Sequence Settings.

  • When to send an email that you set to 'Send Later'.

  • When to show a task as due in your Inbox.

As for the date format settings, this is directly under the time zone settings. Changing this will propagate throughout the system anywhere you see a date. For example, when viewing tasks inside your inbox or viewing timestamps on emails.

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