The third step on the Uptics Onboarding screen is to launch your first sequence!

Sequences help you automate your inbound and outbound sales activities, and our builder allows you to customize step-by-step processes for a 360-degree sales experience for your leads, prospects, or contacts.

Don't worry if you don't have all your ducks in a row yet, the test drive will walk you through the builder and help you understand the flow, but it will launch until you say so and turn on the toggle.

Give it a try on the Onboarding Screen by opening up the 'Convert leads to customer with multi-channel Sequencing' step.

After clicking 'Try the Sequence Builder,' you will initiate the Sequence Builder Test Drive as seen below!

Go ahead and click the 'Let's start' button and make a selection from the 2 options, 'Cold Outreach' or 'Lead Nurturing,' as per your interest, from the next page.

On making any selection from above, you will have options of our customized proven pre-built email sequences to choose from as shown below, which will help you launch a sales-winning campaign. Of course, moving forward you will be able to create your own templates as well. 😀

Cold Outreach:


Lead Nurturing:

Pick from the options above and step 1 of the 'Test Drive' is completed. Most of these pre-built sequences have around 4 to 6 follow-up emails.

The next step is to edit/build your sequence using the Sequence Builder.

An example of the Win-Back Sequence is shown below. Once you click the sequence you'd like to test drive, you'll see that it is going to automatically load all those email templates.

All the main functionalities are right in the middle of the screen.

Sequence Builder Functionalities

Once you are done playing around with the sequence steps, checking out the email templates, etc., click the blue 'Next >' button which is beside the sequence steps each time the screen prompts. You are then taken to the Sending Options page as shown below.

Sending Options

The 'Send Email From' dropdown is required to be selected on this page.

As per the above screenshot, having 'Send Email From' set to 'Contact Owner' in your Sequence Settings is useful if there are multiple individuals on your team that you want the same sequence sent from for larger lists and to break up the leads, but this property must be assigned to the contact records for the emails to send.

By changing that dropdown to your User Profile/Email, the emails will be sent directly from your connected email address, rather than whoever is assigned as the 'Contact Owner'. If it is just you starting out, we would suggest choosing your connected email address from the dropdown, since it is possible that not all of your enrolled contacts will have the 'Contact Owner' property assigned once you begin importing your lists, unless you are specifically denoting this on the import process.

The sending options are super simple and self-explanatory.

  • Choose which days you would like your sequence to run with a simple click on the given days of the week to select/unselect.

  • Set the time of the day you would like it to be sent out, which will follow the Default Timezone you have set inside your account.

  • Assign a specific email address, or a contact owner, from whom the sequence needs to send from.

  • You can set daily send and enrollment limits. The daily enrollment limit will determine how many contacts enrolled in the sequence should begin the sequence each day, while the daily send limit will determine how many total emails are to go out for the sequence on any given day.

  • Control the settings for follow-up emails to be replied to in the same thread via the blue toggle button.

  • Control the settings for including an unsubscribe link in your outbound emails.

  • Enable or disable link tracking and email open tracking for the sequence.

  • Control to stop sending on given conditions by a simple selection.

  • Delay between emails - It will help set the delay time between email sends. The higher the set time the better.

Once the sending options have been set, click on the 'Next' button on the bottom right of the screen.

Here's a detailed video on how to launch a winning sales campaign in minutes

Enrollment Options

Next, you will be taken to the 'Enrollment Options' page as shown below. You can pick how you want to enroll your contacts from the two options available (1) Automatic & Dynamic, and/or (2) Manual and One-Time.


SmartLists help segment your leads and drive any automation processes you want!

Look at a SmartList as a saved filter of sorts, and you can make these as dynamic as you'd like! For more information on SmartLists and how to use them, click here.

On selecting the option 'Automatic and Dynamic', a pop-up will show up on the right side of your screen as shown below, from where you can use the dropdown to enroll/unenroll, create new SmartLists, and save them.

Again, for the purposes of this Test Drive, your ability to create a SmartList will be limited since there are only a few default contact records in the system at this time. You will get to play around with this further once you onboard and add leads to your account!

Auto Enroll - The Auto Enrollment setting defines the SmartList(s) that contain the prospect records you would like automatically enrolled in the sequence you are creating. It is important to make a note of the type of SmartList you are setting for auto-enrollment, as 'Static' and 'Exit' lists will not have additional prospects added to the lists in the future, while 'Enter' and 'Active' lists may have additional prospects added automatically to the lists in the future.

Auto Unenroll - The Auto Unenrollment setting defines the Smartlist(s) that contain the prospect records you would like automatically unenrolled from the sequence you are creating (i.e. If prospect 'A' falls into 'said' SmartList, then unenroll even if the prospect is still in the original auto-enrollment SmartList).

On selecting the option 'Manual and One-Time' enrollment option, a pop-up will show up on the right side of your screen as shown below, from where you can manually enroll people/company contacts by searching them via the quick search option and adding them. You can also add filters, create/save a new SmartList, customize people/company/deal forms, columns and create custom fields.

Click the check box for selecting contacts to be added and click on the 'Add Selected Contacts' option above the list. You will be notified at the top right corner of the screen saying 'Contacts are added into sequence!' as shown in the screenshot below. There will also be a text in the center of the screen indicating the total number of contacts enrolled.

Close the pop-up by clicking the 'X' symbol on the top right of the screen. Proceed by clicking on the blue 'Complete Test Drive' button on the bottom right of the screen as shown below.

On clicking the 'Complete Test Drive' button, you will be redirected back to the Uptics Onboarding to proceed further with your Onboarding Steps.

The Sequence you just made will be saved in your account under the Sequences tab, but it will not be launched until you turn it on. Moving forward, the process will be very familiar when you create further sequences for your business and prospecting efforts.

On top of navigating back to the Onboarding screen to create future sequences, new sequences can be added from the Sequence tab on the left menu, and by clicking the ' + ' button near the upper right-hand corner of the platform.

With your Test Drive completed, given you have completed the first 2 steps of setting up your email and importing records, you will have unlocked some bonus 'uptic' credits for your account!

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